A History of the World & An Argument for the Arts

This two-minute video uses photographs and music to give one artist’s rendition of the history of the world. The juxtaposition of images, instruments, rhythm, and volume pull the viewer onto the stage of humanity. The short video makes you feel (you shiver, your breath catches, you ache and marvel) the profound impact of our history and the roads we have traveled and have yet to venture down. Art is, as Herman Melville once said, “the objectification of feeling.” In a digital world of rapidly advancing technology and the proliferation of devices – we are running the risk of losing our emotional depth and intelligence. Art in all its forms (painting, drawing, photographing, sculpting, performing, writing, composing, etc.) is the evidence of the spectrum of deep and broad human feeling. Here is an example of innovation, creativity, artistic and visionary thinking that some of our schools run the risk of abandoning. Our children need the skills to create using the new tools our world has designed, they need to develop and explore their emotional intellect, they need to express feeling…in any or many or all of the artistic forms available to or invent-able by them.

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