It’s not you. It’s February.

Winter doldrums anyone? It’s not you, it’s February. The wack-a-doo month with too few days that feels too long and can’t make up its mind about what season it’s in and acts like every day is Monday. Blame it on February.

That said, I ran across Pat Bassett’s article in the most recent issue of Independent School called “Twenty-five Factors Great Teachers Have in Common”. It’s terrific…and short. Perfect for February.

  • Teachers, here is my only demand as you read it: Read it like a mirror (reflecting back to you the hallmarks of your great-teacher-ness) NOT a to-do list (of things you are expected to do better).
  • GreatTeachers2Non-teachers, here is my only demand if you read it: Thank a teacher. As Pat Bassett says, “Great teachers don’t need encomiums of praise.” They do, however, appreciate it. Especially in February.

If February has its hold on you too strongly to take a moment to read it…The image is one I created of the verbs that start the qualities of great teachers from Bassett’s article – I find these verbs exemplify not just great teachers, but great people. If all you do is hold onto ONE of these, perhaps it can turn a grey-sky case of the Februaries into a blue-sky bit of bounce in your step…for you and the children in our lives.

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