Coins Made Change!


Read HERE to learn about the service learning project third graders implemented this year in connection with students at a school in Moblomong, South Africa. As with many projects in life, results are sometimes immediate and sometimes they take time to take tangible shape. We just recently received photos and letters from children who attend the school in Mablomong sharing images and stories of the books they are now enjoying.

One of the most moving elements of a service learning project such as this is that impact and growth is experienced on both sides of the shared connection. Today children reflected on some of the things they read and saw, recognizing both extreme differences and comforting similarities between things as simple as individual’s names, favorite foods, siblings, favorite activities, and feelings about school to realities as complex as lifestyles, family structure, and living conditions.

“No one knows everything. But together, we know a whole lot. This is the reason the Why community exists – to bring people together to listen, to speak, to give, to take…to share.” – Simon Sinek

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