Children Want To Be Understood

notebookThis New York Times article, Helping Parents Deal With Learning and Attention Issues, gives an overview of a new ad campaign promoting the website The website is an incredibly useful resource for parents, and by extension educators, as we strive every day to understand children’s experience, make learning and growing accessible and engaging, and walk the balance between protecting our children/students and allowing them the valuable experiences of struggle, failure, and perseverance with an eye towards students who develop both quality intellect and excellent character. Our children and students move through a world that is largely organized, scheduled, structured, and geared towards adults. The website provides a multitude of resources in the areas of: brain research, learning & attention (executive functioning skills), friends & feelings (social emotional skills), and support systems for families. seeks to make the experience of different kinds of learners more transparent and accessible for parents and teachers so that we might better support and inspire the next generation.

1 thought on “Children Want To Be Understood

  1. Thanks for sharing — can’t wait to check out this site. It’s so true — kids want to be understood. Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD, I always felt like my parents and teachers didn’t understand me at all. I try so hard to remember this now with my own kids, but it’s still hard as we’re forced to assimilate into a structured and scheduled environment that feels so unnatural to people like us. This was the reminder I needed today — gonna remind myself today when I’m losing my patience to pause, breathe and try to put myself in my children’s shoes. Thanks again. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far of your blog and I look forward to reading more.

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